Local Businesses Pivot to Provide COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Jason KeilJanuary 21, 2021
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Photo courtesy Sanitized Safe
Photo courtesy Sanitized Safe

Local businesses pivot to COVID-19 cleaning and safety.

When Pride Group event company CEO Robb Corwin saw the world change drastically last March, he started researching new ways to keep people secure from the coronavirus.

“We kind of fell into this,” Corwin says.

The result is Sanitized Safe, a residential and commercial disinfecting service that uses a dual-charged electrostatic sprayer that emits a bleach-free disinfectant proven by the EPA to kill COVID-19 and other viruses.

With revenue for the commercial cleaning industry declining due to empty offices, according to MarketResearch.com, these new firms could redefine the business. Local companies have introduced products and services that purport to defend families and offices from COVID-19, including Ahwatukee’s Sanitized Now, portable disinfecting system ExtremeMist PSS, and Purification LLC, which utilizes UV light to sanitize surfaces.

Other businesses, such as Valley HVAC specialists Ideal Energy, have slightly tweaked their marketing techniques to make customers aware of products like energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) that improve air quality.

“It’s like having a bunch of windows in your home, except they have filters on them,” says Ideal Energy co-founder Elena Chrimat.

Both Chrimat and Corwin believe there isn’t a magic bullet that will eliminate the risk of catching the virus. But Corwin believes businesses need to start investing in employee protection.

“If you have one person that makes $16 an hour and they get sick, you have to pay that person to not be at work for two weeks,” he says. “And if you have 10 people working near someone with the virus, that [costs even more]. That’s where the investment comes in.”