Phoenix Attorney Joshua Black’s Favorite Spots in Kanab, Utah

Sam EllefsonDecember 14, 2020
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Phoenix employment attorney Joshua Black escaped the summer heat by taking a “glamping” trip to the red rock town of Kanab, Utah. “In Kanab you’re in the high desert, you have a very beautiful variation of nature,” Black says. He and his immigration attorney wife are avid travelers, and have been taking trips to explore natural beauty during the pandemic. “We’re trying to plan weekend getaways where we can do three or four days, hit a couple of national parks, see some of the beautiful scenery in our neighboring states and make it back by Monday for work.” Black shares three standouts from their recent trip, which included hikes, sand dunes and local eateries.

Basecamp 37
Black recommends this “safari tent-style” camping ground 8 miles north of Kanab for the premier glamping experience. “It was really cool,” he says. “It’s a little bit nicer than just traditional, ‘roughing it’ camping, but you get that same experience of being out in nature.” He notes the beautiful stargazing you can do come nightfall.

Kanab Tour Company
“We did an ATV tour to a slot canyon called Peek-a-Boo Canyon,” Black says. The destination, which he says is similar in beauty to Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, is only accessible with the use of off-road vehicles. “You go through some of these really beautiful pink sand dunes and you get to do some four-wheeling,” Black says. Experiencing the serene and diverse nature of Kanab is a must through Kanab Tour Company, he says.

Rocking V Café
This small-town eatery located two blocks from Levi Stewart Memorial Park has a “local diner type of feel” with vegan and gluten-free options. “We had a couple of things that were really good,” he says. “We had the Power Canyon Salad, which was really delicious, and their pork chop was evidently one of their very popular things too.”