TheaterWorks Begins Immersive Production of A Curiouser Nutcracker

Niki D'AndreaNovember 24, 2020
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This holiday season, TheaterWorks wants you to walk through a winter wonderland – literally. The Peoria-based performing arts group’s production of A Curiouser Nutcracker takes place in various rooms and spaces audience members meander through, encountering characters and solving puzzles all along the way.

A Curiouser Nutcracker combines the Christmas classic The Nutcracker and the fantastical Alice in Wonderland: The Mouse King has taken over Wonderland, cursing it to a perpetual winter. Together, the White Rabbit and the Sugar Plum Fairy embark on a journey to find the four keys to defeat the Mouse King and free the Nutcracker. The immersive, 100-minute production takes place throughout every space in the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, including the hallways. Audiences will be limited to 12 people per performance.

“The holidays are an important time for the community to engage in traditional stories that help us celebrate this time of togetherness,” TheaterWorks managing director Cate Hinkle said. “Our new immersive theater experience will allow people to still have those traditions and participate safely.”

In addition to limiting capacity, TheaterWorks requires all audience members to wear a mask and have their temperature taken upon arrival. All touch points will be sanitized, and gloves will be provided for audience members.

Multiple performances of A Curiouser Nutcracker take place on November 27-29 and December 3-6, 10-13, 17-23 and 27-30. Tickets cost $36 to $48 and must be purchased in advance at