Cosanti Originals Release New Rain Chains

Leah LeMoineAugust 27, 2020
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Let other parts of the country tell rain to go away – in the desert, we welcome it like a dear friend. Cosanti Originals has made our passion for precipitation even more artful with its new rain chains, strands of mosaic-like dalle de verre glass pieces, crystal geodes and fossils, each finished with one of the art colony’s signature bronze windbells. “They have become a sought-after item by our patrons from the first day we featured them in our exterior gallery,” says Vickie Mayer, general manager and director of retail at Cosanti Originals. When rain hits your rooftop, the chains capture some of it and spiral it gently downward. Set up multiple strands for a symphony of tiny waterfalls in your backyard. In dry times, they beautifully catch the light.