4 Drive-By Murals in Downtown Phoenix

Aimee SmithMay 18, 2020
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Want to observe art from the comfort and safety of your car? Drive by these larger-than-life murals in the Downtown Phoenix area.

El Oso Plateado and the Machine by Nevercrew
An extinct Mexican grizzly (the silver bear from the title) floats on the side of the Novel Coworking Heard Building, located on Central Avenue, just north of CityScape. The front and back of the bear seem to be holographs projected from the machines depicted at the bottom of the mural. This blend of past and future was painted by Swiss street artists Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni, the duo known as Nevercrew.

Teddy by Debra Hurd
Theodore Roosevelt’s smile dominates the south side of the Ten-O-One office building, located at Central Avenue and Roosevelt Street. The newest mural addition to Roosevelt Row is part of the renovation efforts by True North Studio. The mural wrap was designed by Debra Hurd and installed by bluemedia.

Cultura by Graffaholeks
At one story high, Cultura is smaller in stature than other Downtown murals, but it is no less eye-catching. This badass beauty is located at the intersection of Sixteenth Street and McDowell Road, in the parking lot of Mia’s Flower Shop. It was painted by Graffaholeks, a group of graffiti artists based in Phoenix.

Elapsing Synergy of the Bleached Moon Room by jayemaich
This striking gray-scale mural can be viewed while driving north on Sixteenth Street, just past Osborn Road. It is located on the side of White Baux Studio, an interior architecture design firm. jayemaich is a street artist currently residing in Miami.

While traveling between these big and bold pieces, you are sure to spot other murals along the way. Let us know some of your favorites. Tag @phxmagazine in your mural photos on Instagram.

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