Ready Lodger One: 3 Things We Hope Atari Hotels Will Offer

Leah LeMoineFebruary 27, 2020
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Prepare for nostalgia: In January, Atari announced the launch of video game-themed Atari Hotels, a partnership with GSD Group, Woz Innovation Foundation and Phoenix-based True North Studio. The flagship ( will break ground in Phoenix this year. Reps were mum on details, so we let our imaginations run wild with our wish list.

Asteroids Suite
No lights in this space-ious hotel room – just the glow-in-the-dark asteroids and saucers. Brutalist room design mimics the game’s crude vector graphics.

Pong Tennis Court
You don’t have to be fit. Plop into a cushy recliner and use the lap console to move around the hardcourt. Speakers broadcast virtual boos and cheers.

Centipede Foraging Experience
Mushroom hunting is de rigueur, but tame. Earn caveman clout in the hotel’s interactive mushroom grow-op, where animatronic centipedes and spiders lunge at you while you pick tasty chanterelles and maitakes.

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