Nude Selfies on the Rise at National Parks?

Shaena MontanariFebruary 20, 2020
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Baring it all in your birthday suit outdoors is surprisingly trendy online – there are wildly popular Instagram accounts solely dedicated to posing nude using stunning outdoor locations for a unique photo op. Recently trending: (illegal) nude selfies at Machu Picchu.

Is this a new craze at Arizona’s parks? “We aren’t really aware of it,” says a National Park Service representative at the Grand Canyon, adding that if people are posing for these types of photos, they could be doing it in remote areas.

If you want to go au natural at the Grand Canyon but are worried you might get in trouble, here’s the naked truth: There is no specific federal law in the United States that bans being nude in a national park. But be careful – some states and counties have laws on public nudity that can be enforced in parks at the discretion of law enforcement if there is a conflict about the tastefulness of the display. In Arizona, unless it amounts to indecent exposure, you should be fine. Strip thoughtfully.


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