Local Gifts Under $20 For Your Office White Elephant Exchange

Savanah YaghsezianDecember 16, 2019
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This year, I struggled to find something that was funny, unique and relevant to my office’s culture for the annual White Elephant gift exchange. When suddenly, it hit me: Why not get something from a local boutique? One of the things you’ll find on many of their websites is an entire page dedicated to novelty items and/or gifts, so there’s sure to be a treasure within!

Here are a few suggestions: 

If your office has a dedicated #popculture Slack channel…Saint Lizzo Devotional Prayer Candle ($20).
You can’t go wrong with celebrating one of 2019’s biggest rising stars. This is the item I purchased for my White Elephant party, and I’m hoping it’ll be a hit. There are also candles for Oprah, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Michelle Obama and more. 

If you want to play it on the safe side…National Parks Playing Cards ($16).
I doubt anyone could find fault with a pack of playing cards. Not only are the designs super cute, but they’re just silly enough to qualify as a White Elephant gift. 

If your office is really into reducing their carbon footprint…Excessive Heat Warning Tote ($14)
Your coworkers will get in on Arizona’s biggest inside joke (it’s a dry heat!) and have another reusable tote to put their groceries in. 

If a lot of your coworkers are parents…Piñata puzzle ($16).
Not that you need kids to enjoy a good ol’ puzzle, but this is a gift first graders and grown adults can get some use out of.


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