New Around Town: Bisbee

Sara EdwardsOctober 2, 2019
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Old Bisbee Ghost Tour: Paranormal Experience Tour
What’s a historical small town without a few ghost stories? The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour’s newest experience allows visitors to explore some of Bisbee’s oldest haunted hot spots with ghost tracking equipment in hand.

Object Limited
Known for its vintage shops in NYC , the Object Limited’s Bisbee hotel has rooms beautifully decorated with antique furniture. After staying the night, venture downstairs to the shop to find vintage furniture and accessories to bring a piece of the hotel home with you.

Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum: Minerals & Me
One of the Smithsonian Institution’s first and smallest affiliates has a new mini exhibit that highlights rocks and minerals we use every day without realizing it. The first featured mineral in the yearly changing exhibit is Bisbee’s signature copper.