Studio Session with Michael Lambard

Sara EdwardsAugust 27, 2019
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The downy texture of a teddy bear and bright colors bring painter Michael Lambard’s art to life. He also has a taste for retro cartoons like Speed Racer and Felix the Cat, which pop off the canvas with pristine outlines to bring it home.

“I’ve always been fond of really bright colors,” Lambard says. “Cartoons always seem to bring people back to their childhoods.”

In his teens, Lambard and his brother would wander around South Phoenix admiring murals and graffiti. They even painted a few themselves, including “Planet Earth” on the side of an old theater. Lambard didn’t get serious about his own art until five years ago. A barber at the time, he wanted to get back into art after he saw so many Phoenix artists on social media. He swapped combs for paintbrushes and his barber scissors for acrylic paint bottles.

“[Art] is the only thing I really love, and it just makes me really happy to wake up in the morning just knowing I get to paint,” he says. Lambard says his most memorable piece was for comedian Gabriel Iglesias’ office. The painting depicts Iglesias in an Iron Man suit on a bright blue background.

Though he has sketchbooks in his studio, Lambard likes to jump right into a new piece. He lightly sketches an outline directly on the canvas or dives right in with paint. “I heard a saying once that was like, ‘Acrylics are for impatient people,’ and I’m impatient,” he says. “When I get at it, I just gotta go at it.”

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