4 Places to Get Your Pho Fix in Phoenix

Helena WegnerJuly 17, 2019
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Pho – pronounced “fuh” – is a Vietnamese soup traditionally made from beef-bone broth and spices. It is accompanied by rice noodles, vegetables and meat. Fresh herbs and sauces can be added for extra zest. The Vietnamese soup varies in flavor from place to place — here are four delicious restaurants around the Valley to satisfy your pho fix.

Pho Thanh
A local favorite, Pho Thanh does not disappoint. They offer several traditional beef broth bowls served with heaping portions of bean sprouts, Thai basil, cilantro, wedges of lime and sliced jalapeño. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a sprig of mint to your soup. The meatballs in the Pho Bo Vien are almost as flavorful as the broth itself. Complement your bowl of pho with crispy egg rolls stuffed with pork and vegetables.
1702 W. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, 602-242-1979

Pho Viet Nam
Pho Viet Nam has a quiet and comforting atmosphere. Their signature beef broth made with beef bone and oxtail is heavenly. The Pho Thit Ga includes tender slices of chicken, rice noodles and fresh herbs. Dip a piece of chicken into a small bowl of Sriracha, red chili or hoisin sauce for an added level of flavor.
393 W. Warner Rd., Chandler, 480-855-0300,  facebook.com/phovietnamese

Pho Tempe
Unlike its popular counterparts, Pho Tempe is less recognized for its delicious soup. In the eyes of a pho fanatic, this tucked away restaurant is like a hidden gem — the service is quick, the broth is flavorful and aromatic, and the prices are reasonable. The menu provides a variety of protein options including brisket, steak, shrimp, chicken, beef, and many more. They also offer a vegetarian option upon request made with vegetable broth and served with broccoli, carrots, cabbage and baby corn.
1731 E. Broadway Rd., #1, Tempe, 480-773-7748, photemperestaurant.com

Looking for an un-pho-gettable experience? Look no further. UnPhogettable is a family-owned business located in the Mekong Plaza, a shopping mall home to numerous Asian restaurants, storefronts and markets. Try the shrimp and pork spring rolls accompanied by peanut sauce or the Pho Tai which comes with lean steak. Then take a stroll next door and treat yourself to a generous serving of Thai rolled ice cream at Roll Avenue Ice Cream Rolls.
66 S. Dobson Rd., Mesa, 480-835-2298, unphogettable.com


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