3 Spots to get Spicy Dishes (& Drinks) this Summer

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I love, LOVE spicy food. Even when it’s 120 degrees outside, I’m still always down to eat something that threatens to erode my esophagus. If you’re like me and can’t get enough of the heat, or if you’re new to the amazing world of spice, there’s something in the Valley you’ll enjoy.

If you’re a spice newbie…
Try the kimchi burger from Clever Koi. The spice doesn’t overpower the flavor of the meat, but it gives the burger a unique flavor that’s perfect for someone with a more sensitive palate. I would definitely suggest this if you’re the type of person to ask a waiter exactly how spicy a dish is.

If you’re a spice appreciator…
Try Joyride Taco House’s cucumber-serrano margarita. Usually, spicy drinks aren’t my thing (I’m in the mindset that drinks should generally be refreshing), but this one in particular is worth a try. The serrano pepper is offset by the mellow cucumber flavor and it makes for a good mid-range spiced beverage.

If you’re a spice veteran…
Head over to the West Valley if you want your taste buds to fall off (in a good way). Anything you order at Siam Thai Cuisine can be made “Thai hot” and will be sure to have you crying tears of spicy joy into your plate.


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