Little Rituals Has Some of the Most Beautiful Drinks in Town

Pavle MilicJune 12, 2019
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If you can’t get the Big City Nights cocktail – profiled on our Drink This page last month – out of your head, neither can we. So we went back to the new Downtown cocktail bar where we found it, Little Rituals, and picked out a few other fantastic oddities dreamt up by co-owners Aaron DeFeo and Ross Simon.


DeFeo and Simon put a snarky spin on the problem-drinker pub favorite by swapping out the whiskey and lager for high-brow surrogates (Modern Times “Fruitlands Sour” and mescal passionfruit liqueur) and rigging the can so it sticks to your glass like a drive-in speaker. Campy devils.

Classic Espresso

To make this coffee cocktail, the barkeeps use a one-of-a-kind infuser that evidently cost a couple thousand bones. When you taste its eerie smoothness, you’ll know where that money went. It’s a madman.

Careless Whisper

An offshoot of the sherry cobbler, this session sipper combines Madeira and pineapple chai with lemon juice, topped with an attractive assortment of herbs and seasonal fruit. It’s a low-alcohol cocktail built for summer, and easy on the eyes.

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