An Introvert’s Date Night

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Occasionally, someone will pique my interest enough to actually want to leave my house for a few hours. First dates can be awkward, but overall I actually enjoy them if they’re in the proper setting.

As an introvert, there are a few qualifications I like a date location to have so I know I’ll at least enjoy a part of the evening. Typically, if I’m asked, I’ll suggest a place that isn’t too crowded, doesn’t require me to exert myself socially and showcases some of my interests. Below are three options that meet those requirements:

  1. Picnic at Tempe Town Lake

You can sub this out with any park in your area, but I personally enjoy the atmosphere and view at Tempe Beach Park. Now that the days are getting longer, nothing appeals more to a sentimental introvert than a sunset, homemade cheese board and deep conversation. Plus, if the date is bad, you can avoid confrontation by hopping on a paddleboard and sailing away!

  1. Escape Room

What better way to show off all the random knowledge you’ve gained from spending Friday nights in a Wikipedia rabbit hole than going to a themed escape room? I once went on a first date to a 1980’s-themed escape room, used my love of 80’s pop music to my advantage, and went on to date the guy for two years, so I would say it’s a solid choice.

  1. Board games at Snakes and Lattes

Because sitting together in silence reading a book isn’t a socially acceptable first date, playing a board game is the next best option. Snakes and Lattes is a cozy establishment that boasts a selection of over 800 games and has a decent food selection. Remember, even if your date sucks at games, at least they didn’t take you to karaoke!


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