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Craig OuthierMay 22, 2019
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People are often nervous about change, and yes, there seems to be a minor – or maybe not so minor? – backlash afoot, against everything from “diet culture” to newfangled workspace concepts.

Maybe such misgivings are understandable, in our point-and-troll, speed-of-Twitter moment, with everyone so fixated on disrupting at all costs. Responding to former General Electric CEO Jack Welch’s edict that “willingness to change is strength,” Inc. writer Michael Schein points out that “change for change’s sake often eliminates the good with the bad.”

This is indisputably true. And it’s also true that people and institutions that remain stubbornly rooted in place run the risk of changing “by not changing at all,” in the words of that timeless Aesopian visionary, Eddie Vedder.

This is all tortured prelude to my point: PHOENIX, after much consideration, is changing and updating in a big way. You may have already seen our new logo. But there’s quite a bit more:

With Great 48 honoree Governor Doug Ducey; Photo by Camerawerks

A lighter, more nimble “front of the book,” as we say in publishing. We used to have four Table of Contents pages. Who does that anymore? It’s like taking a steamer trunk to the airport.

New sections. It always felt a little off to me that we clumped fun, aspirational pages like Shopping and Things to Do with hard news stories about senior suicide rates and the like. So we picked up our scalpel and carved out two new sections: Explore and Curator, the latter combining the arts, shopping and things to do with our monthly Calendar listings. I hope you find that as satisfyingly logical as I do.

Amy Silverman. We’ve always loved the award-winning Phoenix New Times journalist’s voice and passion, and her keen insights into the Phoenix condition. Now you can read them every month in PHOENIX. Find her inaugural “Raising Phoenix” column here.

Space Case. Our dining coverage is pretty great and doesn’t need much tinkering, but we did take the opportunity to 86 our Happy Hour page and replace it with this monthly insider’s look at restaurant/bar design. Find Nikki Buchanan’s maiden effort here.

We picked the right month to unveil our remodel, because it also happens to be our first Great 48 issue – our salute to the 48 most influential personalities in Phoenix, spanning every industry and background, from activism to corporate evangelism. You can be certain that every one of the people profiled in the feature has embraced and leveraged change many times in their lives.

Learn from them and enjoy the breezy profiles. And tell us what you think of the new PHOENIX. We probably have a little more change in us, if need be.


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