Phoenix’s Air(plane)Bnb

Savanah YaghsezianApril 25, 2019
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We all know Phoenix why is an interesting travel destination. From the culinary scene to the golf courses and the weather, it’s hard to compete. But we were blind to one of the most obviously interesting mainstays in the Valley: a remodeled airplane bunker named for the infamous D.B. Cooper plane hijacking that you can sleep in. For just $45 a night, you can sleep in either “D.B. Cooper’s Hideaway” or, for $32, the aptly named “Airplane House!” is all yours.

I stumbled upon these listings while trying to find a good spot for a staycation with my then-boyfriend about a year ago. Although we ultimately chose a different listing, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. (Maybe the relationship would’ve lasted if we booked the airplane?)

According to the Airbnb pages, the “micro-lofts” are built underneath two different types of vintage airplanes, a Bellanca Viking and Piper Cherokee. The Piper Cherokee is slightly smaller and is painted on the inside and outside, but the Bellanca Viking has been left in its original glory. Both are owned by the same person and reside within yards of each other in downtown Phoenix.

Unfortunately, the rooms are constructed directly beneath the planes, so you don’t get to actually sleep in the cockpit. You can, however, pretend like you’re a miraculous plane crash survivor with a background in architecture who enjoys painting murals, or like you’re a fugitive of the law who successfully pulled of a plane-jacking in 1971.

If my enthusiasm isn’t enough to sway you, take it from the people who’ve actually stayed there. Each listing has positive reviews and nearly perfect ratings across the board, but some guests have warned that it’s “not for everyone” and the owner mentions the low ceilings may be uncomfortable for tall guests.

However, as a five foot three individual with an extensive imagination, a small budget and a love of downtown Phoenix, I’m tempted to book a “flight” soon.

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