From the Hip – November 2018

Mike MeyerNovember 2018
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A hungry roadrunner gets snapped in action by a watchful hiker.

“Remarkably, this moment was [captured] 75 feet from the [Gateway Trailhead] within sight of the facilities and welcome center. When I stopped, [my rescue lab] sat and just stared, as I did, in amazement at what popped out of the scrub brush. It was a brief moment, as the roadrunner appeared [to be] showing off its breakfast… It popped up on a rock and then dashed away. “Beep-beep!” Off to harass a wily coyote, I guess. As an aside, this is my son’s and my favorite desert animal, and we search constantly for them. We learned that they are very frugal hunters, and if they are mid-meal and find themselves stuffed, rather than abandon or hide their food they will literally carry it with them until they are in need of their next meal.”

— Matthias Lambert
Local lacrosse coach, part-time photographer and full-time dad.

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