Forgive, Never Forget

Mike MeyerFebruary 2018
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After returning from six deployments, from Bahrain to Africa, United States Army medic Marc Raciti found himself in an ocean of anger and paranoia, leaving severed relationships in his wake. In his book, I Just Want to See Trees: A Journey Through P.T.S.D. (Jones Media Publishing, $9.99), Raciti chronicles his arduous journey coping with – and overcoming – post-traumatic stress disorder to inspire others to seek healing. While there is no fairy-tale ending where Scottsdale-based Raciti reverts to who he was before PTSD, his heartfelt narration brings hope for PTSD warriors and their loved ones. Raciti’s story illuminates his struggles of seeking help, as well as the struggles of his wife, Sonja, in helping him persevere. It’s an insightful read for anyone who copes with mental illness or knows someone who is struggling.

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