New Around Town: Douglas

Leah LeMoineDecember 4, 2017
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The Gadsen Hotel decorated for the holidays. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

The Gadsden Hotel
The historical inn celebrates its 100th birthday this year, so it’s more old-timer than whippersnapper, but some exciting updates are afoot for its centennial. Local couple Rosa Anel and Florencio Lopez purchased the property in 2016 and have begun extensive restoration and renovations, including a polish of the 42-foot-long Tiffany stained-glass window across the front mezzanine, the only desert scene ever created by the legendary glassworks studio.
1046 G Ave., 520-364-4481,

Binational Concert Without Borders
The citizens of Douglas and its Mexican counterpart Agua Prieta don’t let a pesky little thing like the United States/Mexican border get in the way of their live music. In April 2018, the cities will host the fifth annual Binational Concert Without Borders, just west of the Raúl Héctor Castro Port of Entry, to promote unity over fractious politics and celebrate two cultures coming together through music.

Maná Restaurant and Bakery
Douglas’ coolest new restaurant serves such a perplexing combination of food and drinks – authentic Mexican dishes tacos dorados, birria and gorditas de picadillo, alongside globe-trotting comfort foods like chicken chop suey, fettuccine Alfredo and hot wings, plus legit espresso drinks and scratch-made pastries – that we wish we could move the whole delicious hot mess to Phoenix for around-the-clock noshing.
1030 19th St., 520-645-0696,