Patsy Lowry

Dolores TropianoSeptember 1, 2013
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Patsy Lowry is as vibrant and colorful as her paintings. From her turquoise hand-beaded stoles to her hand-painted pink, yellow and lime-green shoes, the wife of former Paradise Valley mayor Ed Lowry is crazy about color. And her canvases capture that.

Art admirers can treat themselves to an eyeful of Lowry’s multi-chromatic method at her Gathering Spirits exhibition, on view at Paradise Valley Town Hall (6401 E. Lincoln Dr.) through the end of September. Lowry, the town’s artist of the year, joins other notable Paradise Valley residents honored with exhibitions, including late artists Bob McCall and Bil Keane.

The third-generation Phoenician – whose physician grandfather once employed Josephine Goldwater, the late Senator Barry Goldwater’s mother – is influenced by her heritage and love for Arizona. The show features 30 paintings (priced from $800 to $12,000) filled with flowers, landscapes and Southwestern motifs layered with neon-colored acrylic abstractions. 

Unlike artists who start a piece with a clear picture of their finished product, Lowry – who turned to art after attending Arizona State University in the turbulent 1960s – is strategically spontaneous with her work. “I don’t like the preview of the coming attractions,” she says. See more at