FROM OUR PARTNERS13 One-of-a-Kind Treasures You'll Find at the Renaissance Festival


Take a peek in 200 artisan shops filled with precious handmade gifts like blown glass, leather goods and jewelry. Even witness artisans create masterpieces right before your eyes!

Just East of Apache Junction on U.S. Highway 60 in Gold Canyon, AZ lies a world filled with Renaissance-themed amusement that happens only once per year. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it was like to travel back to a time when jousting knights on horseback were commonplace, visit the Arizona Renaissance Festival! The Arizona Renaissance Festival is celebrating its 31st season in business from now until March 31st each Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Engage in tomfoolery, feasting, tricks and thrills that’ll be sure to leave all of your senses fully engaged and satisfied. It’s the ultimate non-stop, day-long family adventure.


1. Purchase beautiful wood work from Goodly Woods

Sip from this unique tankard with a malachite inlay during your next gathering with family and friends, and it will surely spark conversation.


2. Honorable Company of Metalsmiths

Discover creative metalsmithing works such as this gold-plated armillary sphere that will make an eye-catching addition to your home decor.


3. Take a peek through colorful stained glass from Draecstone Glass

Look through this beautiful piece of handmade stained glass and get a glimpse into an entirely different world.


4. Admire the craftsmanship of Wild Vines Woodworking’s wood cutting boards

Step inside Wild Vines Woodworking and it’s not hard to imagine the smell of freshly cut wood. This artisan pieces together several different types of wood to create one-of-a kind cutting boards.


5. Make your friends jealous with a hand carved wood lantern from Living Art and Lanterns

A wood lantern from Living Art and Lanterns is the perfect addition to your backyard this season. Make sure to stop by to get a closer look at their intricate wood designs.


6. Make a splash with a distinctive fountain from Copper Garden

Turn heads in your neighborhood and add a special touch to your home with a hand forged iron fountain.


7. View precious sparkling gems crafted by Benitez Jewelry

Add an extra special touch to your jewelry collection with a custom gold or silver ring, necklace or bracelet.


8. Unique Renaissance-themed jewelry awaits at Brooke Barboza Jewelry

Enter this artisan shop, and you’ll be like a moth to a flame. Her handcrafted jewelry is easy on the eyes and hard to resist.


9. Touch a colorfully delicate silk scarf from Jack Rabbit Silks

All Jack Rabbit Silk scarves are hand painted feature eye-pleasing intricate designs ranging from dragons to various other medieval themes.


10. Take in the artistry of this moose antler from Busch Fine Arts Studio

Out of this world, original designs describe the work produced by Busch Fine Arts Studio. Find your masterpiece whether that be a moose antler with a hand carved fairy, eagle or tree.


11. Gaze at the sacred tree of life crafted by Wildsteel Kingscraft

Learn more about the extremely detailed process artisans at Wildsteel Kingscraft follow to create their incredible works of art using steel.


12. Be amazed at the hand forged iron work by Iron Grip Blacksmith

The next addition to your garden or outdoor space like this iron gate with rose detail is waiting for you at Iron Grip Blacksmith.


13. Purchase a delicate piece of jewelry from Fleur du Jour

Known for her Victorian era rose pendants, owner and self-taught artist Betty St. Clair, beautifully crafts each one of her pieces for $78 each.

Other incredible vendors this year include: House of Bubbles, Pixie Point, Madam Carolyn, Gypsy Eyes, Assault Catapult, Rena’s Leather, Whirlwood Magic Wands, Underhill Pavilions, Travelers’ Treasures, Arizona Birds of Play, Majestic Hair Flowers, Fleur de Jour, Enchanted Chair Massage, Toe Rings, Medieval Mapmaker, Whips & Whatknots, Magical Butterflies, Clay Maiden, Elf Ears, The Rabbit Hero, Badger Creek Horns, Caina Tea, Sandragons, Fantasy Fynery, Gypsy Fortunetelling, Cinnamon Almonds, We’re Knot Working, Fairies and Mermaids, Mahamudra Body Art, Thatcher’s Leather Artistry, Knotty Lady, Lofton’s Caricatures, LaVigne Leather and Black Dragon.

Before you head to the faire, visit or call 520.463.2600 to get all of the information you need.