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Ghadiel NavarreteMay 25, 2023
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Imagine Etsy, but tailored for Arizonans. An online marketplace where you can shop homemade goods and be part of a community of local entrepreneurs from various walks of life. That’s the idea behind Shop Local First, the e-commerce arm of Local First Arizona.

Founded in 2003, Local First Arizona is a nonprofit organization that provides a platform and a support system for local businesses throughout the state. In November 2020, the organization launched Shop Local First to empower vendors to sell their merchandise more widely and retain 100 percent of their sales.

“Shop Local First marketplace was introduced to combat the increasing competition for Arizona’s locally owned businesses from online mega retail giants,” says Sophia Lovasz, director of retail entrepreneurship for Local First. With the use of advanced analytics and advertising on platforms such as Google and Facebook, Shop Local First amplifies the online presence of each local business significantly.

“[Local First leaders] are just as passionate in helping us as we are about our craft,” says Tara Ijai, owner of Glendale-based Love Glasses Revolution, which sells sunglasses, clothing and acessories. “It is a great way to keep the local economy working,” says Gabe Hagen, owner of Tempe’s Brick Road Coffee. The shop has been selling its coffee online via Shop Local First since the business opened in January 2022.

Ranging from food and beverages to home decorations and clothing accessories, the website’s inventory has almost everything a local-loving consumer could need.

Fontaine & Co.
This Art Deco-inspired homewares shop offers a mix of modern and more history-minded art and design. Fontaine & Co. can help customers develop their signature home style.

Love Glasses Revolution
These sunglasses are more than just a trendy accessory – they’re empowering folks from El Paso to Morocco through the company’s social outreach programs. Embrace love and rock a pair of heart-shaped glasses.

Brick Road Coffee
Locally roasted coffee beans provide that extra boost to conquer the day. From espresso to light roast, there is a bag for every coffee fanatic.


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