Best Fest Q&A: Seriously Shannon

Haley SmilowAugust 13, 2022
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Colorful tote bags, silly cards and hand-designed goods are a trademark of Shannon Slocum’s brand, Seriously Shannon. This year at Best Fest, she’s excited to sample some of the foods, meet other vendors and sell her products.

What can attendees expect from you at Best Fest?
I’ll be there selling my greeting cards which are mostly silly and sarcastic, but I have Arizona themed ones too. I’ll also have stickers, buttons and some tote bags.

What are you most looking forward to about Best Fest?
Just seeing all of the other business and sampling some food and drinks. It sounds like a fun time.

What’s the importance of Best Fest for you?
I just feel like it’s an honor to be in the Best of Valley. I also think it’s important for people to support local business, so I think it’s cool that a bunch of companies are getting together.

When and why did you start Seriously Shannon?
I started it back in 2015 and it was just a fun way to merge my graphic design background with my sense of humor and start something that was my own.

Shout out another Valley business that you admire. What do you admire about them?
I like Madalyn Nault. She makes really cool, cute purses. Her products are really cute and I like her creativity and style.

What’s the best thing about living and working in Phoenix?
I guess I’d say the winter weather.

What’s next for Seriously Shannon?
I’m just going to keep selling my stuff.


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