Top Agents and Producers FAQs

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What are the Top Agents?

To curate this list of the Valley’s top residential real estate agents, we surveyed 25,000 PHOENIX magazine subscribers for their opinions on agents who helped them buy or sell a home – or both – over the past 20 years. Grading the agents in five different practice areas, from closing skills to design knowledge, the respondents also offered written testimonials on the agents in question, many of which are included below. PHOENIX editors evaluated the surveys, added our own candidates to fully represent the geographic and cultural sweep of the Valley, and created a final list. To help you find the right agent, we’ve included the neighborhoods where the agents respectively tend to specialize, but these are only examples. Most agents will work anywhere in the Valley.

What are the Top Producers?

Top Producers is a survey of top producing residential real estate agents in the Phoenix metro area conducted by PHOENIX magazine. Use this manager-selected list to find the agents and agent teams who sold the most real estate last year in Greater Phoenix, as measured by total dollar volume. We’ve categorized the list by the size of teams – from individual, lone-wolf agents to teams of six and more (chart below) – and indicated their brokerage affiliation.


Team Size Copper Club Gold Group
Individual agents $8 - $15 million Over $15 million
Teams of two agents $15 - $25 million Over $25 million
Teams of 3-5 agents $25 - $35 million Over $35 million
Teams of 6 or more agents (limit of 15 agents) $35 - $50 million Over $50 million

Total based on 2021 sales volume


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