Four Corners: Coffee Shops

Madison RutherfordAugust 28, 2020
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From established roasteries to promising newcomers, these coffee peddlers know their way around a cup of Joe.

Photography by Gabrielle Hofer
Photography by Gabrielle Hofer
Deseo A Coffee Shack

Opened: 2019
“I really wanted it to have a feel where my grandma can walk in and feel comfortable, but also it has really cool, modern vibes where younger people can walk in and still think it’s a really cool place,” owner Martha Valenzuela says of her nascent coffee nook. Deseo’s décor combines Valenzuela’s Hispanic heritage and her love of contemporary color schemes, reflected in traditional Mexican textiles and midcentury modern light fixtures and furniture. That fusion of tradition and trendiness is also present in Deseo’s drink options, which include a mocha with Mexican chocolate and a cinnamon latte with Mexican vanilla and agave syrup. “A lot of our specialty lattes have ingredients that correspond with what we grew up with drinking or eating,” Valenzuela says.
Must Try: Deseo’s signature drink is the tres leches latte ($4), a crave-worthy concoction sweetened with condensed milk, evaporated milk and whole milk with Mexican vanilla.
2330 E. McDowell Rd., 602-275-3155,

West Valley
Ebb + Flow Coffee Co.

Opened: 2017
South Dakota transplants and childhood friends Karlie Bakke and Liz Schwartz founded Ebb + Flow with sustainability in mind. The duo partners with Peddler’s Son, a local produce supplier, and Cult Coffee Roasters, a Phoenix-based java purveyor, to provide fresh, eco-friendly ingredients to its customers. The shop’s interior is also an ode to renewable resources – the counter is constructed out of refurbished wood panels. According to Bakke and Schwartz, the name refers to the coming and going of customers as well as the waxing and waning of the human spirit. One constant: fresh, local cold brew on tap daily.
Must Try: For a sweet, locally sourced treat, try the honey lavender latte ($3).
21084 W. Main St., Buckeye, 623-476-2348,

East Valley
Bergies Coffee Roast House

Opened: 2009
Walking into Bergies’ garden is like strolling into the backyard of an old friend – a friend who whips up a mean mocha. Sprinkled with plants and cute patio furniture, it’s the perfect place to enjoy your espresso, with the confidence that your coffee was roasted in small batches – six pounds at a time – to ensure that each cup is brewed to perfection. “We take the time with each bean,” manager Jeanette Bagshaw says. Freshness is also a guarantee at Bergies– each batch of beans on the shelf is never more than 14 days old.
Must Try: For a smooth sip, try the cold brew ($2.75), which blends coffee from Peru and Papua New Guinea to tease out nutty notes of vanilla, chocolate and cherry.
309 N. Gilbert Rd., Gilbert, 480-497-3913,

Maverick Coffee

Opened: 2015
True to its name, Maverick does things differently. “We’re very independent [and] adaptive,” manager Jeff Lynn says. “We keep things fresh and always listen to the community for what they want.” Apparently, the community wants high-quality coffee in comfortable digs. Maverick started as an Australian-style café and has evolved into a self-sustaining roastery, sourcing beans from around the globe. Its interior has an industrial feel, with handmade wooden furniture with metal accents. Rich and robust, each cup reflects Maverick’s third-wave roasting philosophy, which focuses on the flavor and cultivation techniques.
Must Try: You could keep it classic with a cold brew ($4.25) or cappuccino ($4), but daring drinkers will love the Strawberry White Rose ($5.75), an iced white mocha with strawberry syrup and rose water made with single-origin espresso.
10269 N. Scottsdale Rd., 480-278-4499,