Diana Elizabeth’s Favorite Spots in Taiwan

Angelica OlivasJuly 2, 2020
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Before the COVID-19 pandemic effectively shut down global travel, Valley photographer and lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth took a three-week trip to Taiwan with her parents. Her favorite part of the trip was spending time with them, especially because she doesn’t get to see them often. “Time is so valuable,” she says. “No one takes a three-week vacation, especially three weeks with your parents.” Elizabeth enjoyed sharing her trip with her followers in real time. “It made the experience more fun because it felt like I had my friends there with me.” She shares her highlights with us.

Grand Hotel Taipei
“It looks like a scene out of Crazy Rich Asians,” she says of the ornate hotel, where she and her family experienced unparalleled customer service. “They are the sweetest people… I did not come across a single rude person in the three weeks we were there.”

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
This amusement park has roller coasters, sakura (cherry blossom) fields, cultural dances and more. “We actually rode this water roller coaster like seven times. We didn’t want to get off.”

Shifen Old Street
Many people release paper lanterns from these historical train tracks. You choose four different colors for your lantern that each represent something, like wealth or relationships, then write down your wishes that relate to each theme. “That was incredibly special, because my mom and dad did that years ago, and they wanted to bring me back to do this with me.”

Night Markets
There are vendors and food trucks at nightly markets with many different types of Asian food, like fried milk, Chinese duck and, Elizabeth’s favorite, green onion pancakes. “I definitely ate over a dozen. Anytime I saw one, I had one.”


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