Illustrated Bar Flies, Vol. III: “Rach-hell Goes Live”

Madison RutherfordApril 22, 2020
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Bar Flies – the monthly live reading series curated by PHOENIX columnist Amy Silverman and Valley advertising professional Katie Bravo – is typically held at Valley Bar in downtown Phoenix. COVID-19 chucked a wrench right through the rest of their fifth season, so the duo decided to create a virtual Bar Flies show with illustrated stories. They’re all still true, and as always there’s a theme. This month’s is HOME. For more information about Bar Flies – both live and virtual – visit

Rachel F. Trim’s “Rach-hell: Perimenopausal Woman” first appeared in 2017 during a persistent phase of writer’s block. Cartooning was a surprising venture; a new way for Rachel to express her way through life’s stages and family life. She has been a student of memoir writing for the last decade and an educator for 23 years.

1 Rach-hell Goes Live (R.Trim)
2 Rach-hell Goes Live (R.Trim)
3 Rach-hell Goes Live (R.Trim)
4 Rach-hell Goes Live (R.Trim)
5 Rach-hell Goes Live (R.Trim)
6 Rach-hell Goes Live (R.Trim)
7 Rach-hell Goes Live (R.Trim)
8 Rach-hell Goes Live (R.Trim)
9 Rach-hell Goes Live (R.Trim)

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