Sharpe to the Point: Sylvia Wrath

Jim SharpeAugust 22, 2019
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Once again, Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen has checked her shoe size via her piehole. But this time she also unknowingly fostered prejudice. I’m not speaking of the prejudice she fostered against immigrants – she was trying to do that. It was the prejudice she expanded, in her own special, unwitting way, against the very people she claims as allies.

And she boldly did it right in their faces. Gathered them up at a speaking engagement in Phoenix and collectively chucked them under the bus. At the event in question – a GOP-sponsored seminar called Mormon Political Pioneers, held in June – the lawmaker warned us that immigration will soon make our country “look like South American countries.” And because immigration is happening at such a fast pace, new immigrants will be unable to assimilate into American society.

Oh, boy. I’ll give her this: She’s right about the pace of immigration. We’ve seen record apprehension numbers at our southern border recently. And sustainably integrating those who remain in the United States will be a challenge.

But really, Senator Allen. Your other choice words were a silver-plattered gift to those who have been telling their friends for years that Mormons and Republicans are all racists. Even though “some of my best friends are” Mormon and Republican, I’m neither LDS nor a GOPer. So what I’m most concerned about personally is the way she increased prejudice against people that share some of her non-racist views: Second Amendment advocates, fiscal conservatives and folks who believe in border security. Especially border security believers, like me, who are interested in keeping terrorists, common criminals and super-criminals – the cartels – out of our country. Not border security to keep the “brown people” out.

What I really hate is when people like Allen talk about the “brown people” changing our culture. As somebody who lived for years on the Navajo Nation, along with New Orleans and Washington D.C., I challenge anybody to tell me what, exactly, American culture is.

Look, I know Allen is not a state legislator who’s easy to take seriously. A few years ago, she wanted to debate a bill “requiring every American to attend a church.” Later, she did a full-on Alex Jones on her Facebook page on the topic of chemtrails. And she claimed the world is only 6,000 years old – which might explain why evolution hasn’t had enough time to move Allen’s views out of the Stone Age.

However, I take what Allen says very seriously, because it inflames “tolerant” people who actually practice prejudice on a regular basis. In the eyes of hardcore lefties, if you’re pro-life, you’re anti-woman! If you’re pro-gun, you’re anti-kid! Pro-border security? You’re anti-people-of-color!

Similar to how a racist uses the act of one minority to broadly paint an entire race as terrifying and immoral, they use the flawed ideology of one conservative to paint all conservatives as racist rubes.

And Allen just dipped their brush.

Jim Sharpe is the host of Arizona’s Morning News on KTAR-FM 92.3 (weekdays 5-9 a.m.). Visit to find more information about his on-air work.

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