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Finding vegan desserts can be challenging when seemingly everything sweet contains milk, butter or eggs. Luckily, the Valley has a wide range of vegan bakeries and restaurants. Check out these 10 affordable desserts for when you’re craving a sugary, plant-based pick-me-up. Chocolate Hazelnut Pie ($7) At the Giving Tree Cafe, chocolate lovers can indulge their sweet tooth with a rich and creamy pie stuffed with crunchy hazelnuts in every bite. 2024 N. 7th St., Phoenix...

So you’re craving something sweet but fear the calorie-worthiness risky. Good news! Living in the Valley of the Sun positions yourself comfortably in close proximity to lots of natural, nutritious, locally-grown ingredients, which are incorporated into many delicious desserts  – giving you a solid reason to trust in upping your summer caloric intake. So smile, scream – whatever you do – dig in on these special sweet treats before summer ends! 1. Crêpe Bar Chirked...

If you’re looking for a new way to get your marshmallow fluff fix, Fairytale Brownies co-owner Eileen Spitalny offers up Moonfetti Pie, a sweet concoction that marries a dreamy combination of chocolate, marshmallow fluff, caramel sauce and sprinkles – kind of like a whoopie pie meets brownie sundae. The recipe is the result of a collaboration between Fairytale Brownies and local candy maven Tracy Dempsey of Tracy Dempsey Originals.

When you melt chocolate in the microwave, be careful not to overcook because it will burn, Spitalny says. You can also melt the chocolate over a double boiler: “Just make sure you stir, stir, stir. That’s the key to melting chocolate.”

You can find Fairytale Brownies at AJ’s Fine Foods and Duck and Decanter or order them at

If you’ve ever tried to make ice cream at home, you know it’s pretty easy – just combine the ingredients in an electric ice cream maker, churn and freeze. The same simple directions also apply to making frozen yogurt, says Kody Harris, chef/owner of Fresko Mediterranean Kitchen.

Keeping with Fresko’s Mediterranean theme, Harris whips up a batch of tahini frozen yogurt that her guests are wild about. “Even though tahini is a savory ingredient, once it’s added to the yogurt with a little bit of sugar, it’s got kind of a peanut butter flavor,” she says.


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