Even though school has already started and the temps aren’t dropping anytime soon, Labor Day marks the official "end" of summer. Celebrate the last three-day weekend of summer with some dining deals at local eateries!

What was one of humanity’s greatest discoveries? You may say electricity, fire or even penicillin but I say nay.

No, the greatest thing is the chicken wing. A delicious and versatile food that makes a great addition to any dance, kickback gathering, movie night, Super Bowl viewing, bingo game, Tupperware party or baby shower. The chicken wing is a sacred thing of limitless possibilities. It can be tossed, rubbed, smoked, fired, grilled, glazed, deboned, spicy or cool, sour or sweet.

In honor of National Chicken Wing Day this Sunday, PHOENIX has curated the best deals and specials at Valley restaurants. Don't wing it, let us show you the way.

 You’re dining solo. Divorced, widowed, alone on a business trip, or otherwise single for the night. If you sit at a bar, your options are:

  • Take a chance talking to the people on either side of you (Risky!)
  • Chat-up the bartender in-between shaking and stirring
  • Stare at the TV and the rows of bottles.


But now you DO have another option -- several in fact! I discovered the communal table concept when my boyfriend was stranded in Chicago on my birthday. New to town, I didn’t want to dine alone. After ditching an angry stranger at the bar, I moved over to the only open seat at Houston’s communal table. Not only did my table gang toast me over martinis, they sang happy birthday. One fellow diner even picked up the tab for everyone!

Here are just a handful of the communal tables in and around Phoenix. I can’t guarantee you’ll get a free meal, but you may make some great new social and business connections.

See my communal dining etiquette tips at the end of the list, too!

The 4th of July is just around the corner! And, since it falls in the middle of the week this year, most people will be in town for the holiday. If you aren’t wanting to host a party, or want to grab some good grub before the fireworks start, we have rounded up some stellar dining deals for this holiday week!

Be careful what you say around egg whites. Everyone knows they can’t take a yolk.

Why were the eggs running? Because they were afraid of being beaten!

Dear lord, I'm egghausted from these puns. So let’s get down to brass tacks: This Sunday, June 3, is National Egg Day, and Valley restaurants are celebrating by with some truly inspired egg dishes.

Our round-up of the best (half) dozen egg creations (and deals) in Phoenix:

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Happy May! As we celebrate our annual out-of-state travel issue, we're going pescatarian and asking ourselves, "What is your favorite local fish dish?"

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