Face of Liposuction

July 7, 2022
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Infinity Cosmetic Associates

480.771.8222 | PhoenixLiposuction.com

7473 E. Osborn Rd. | Scottsdale

Infini Cosmetic Associates are the leaders of liposuction in the Valley. Infini is set apart from other cosmetic practices in that they are a specialty clinic solely performing modern liposuction techniques and fat transfer. Dr. William Hall utilizes his more than 21 years of experience providing the most sought-after cosmetic procedures tailored to each patient’s needs. He strives to stay on the cutting-edge and up to date on the latest technology and trends. Trained by the inventor of tumescent liposuction, Dr. Jeffery Klein, Dr. Hall uses a specific technique that provides a distinct advantage for his patients. This technique allows patients to stay awake during procedures, therefore reducing downtime tremendously and creating more refined and accurate results.