Desert Digest Podcast Ep. 21 with Lauren Bailey

Matthew JohnsonJanuary 21, 2022
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Lauren Bailey, CEO and co-founder of Upward Projects restaurant group (Postino, Windsor, Churn, Federal Pizza, Joyride Taco House), joins Craig and Leah on this episode of Desert Digest to discuss the latest news in Valley dining.


News items include:

-new restaurant openings in December and January: Aftermath, Wren & Wolf and Sottise.
Sober curiosity in the new year

Bailey is best known for starting the flagship brand Postino Wine Cafe and is now a titan of industry in Valley dining. Postino will join us for the first ever PHOENIX magazine Dish Fest on February 27 at Clayton House in Scottsdale. See our Dish Fest page for more information and tickets.

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