Access to Off-Road Vehicles Made Easy with Polaris Adventures Select

Matthew JohnsonMarch 25, 2021
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This new monthly membership allows you to get into powersports and ride when you want, without owning, storing and maintaining an off-road vehicle. 

Photos courtesy Polaris Adventures Select
Photos courtesy Polaris Adventures Select

Anyone who has spent time exploring the unique landscape of the desert in Arizona knows the many adventures that await. That’s perhaps the biggest reason why Polaris Adventures launched its subscription service for powersports earlier this year exclusively in the Phoenix market known as Polaris Adventures Select.  

Nila Norman, Director of Business Development for Polaris Adventures Select experienced the terrain first hand while living in Arizona for three months to start up operationsYou can ride in so many different areas for off-road vehicles which makes it really fun,” Norman says. We have fantastic partnersOur Polaris Adventures Outfitters are great — and within two hours of the Phoenix airport you can basically get to six different Outfitters that offer 12 different trail experiences which makes it a really unique and fun place to go out and explore.”  

Starting at $99 per month for a 12-month membership, the subscription service allows anyone 18 and over to get into an off-road vehicle of their choice for a full day, or a weekend (depending on your subscription tier) without the burden of hauling, storing, fueling and all the other regular maintenance you’d come to expect with owning one of your own.   

“Becoming a member is about access in a different way,” Norman says.  A lot of people want to own and that’s awesome for them, but one of the reasons you might not want to own a vehicle is because you don’t have garage space to store something or you don’t have a trailer or you don’t have a truck that can pull something. So a lot of those tangible things get in the way of people experiencing our sport, so we try to eliminate those obstacles so that anyone can access powersports when they want to.” 

Polaris Adventures Select Outfitters are located in New River, Wickenburg, Sedona, Prescott, Oracle and Tucson. Members can reserve an ATV, a side-by-side off-road vehicle or a 3-wheeled on-road street legal Slingshot in advance and can have it delivered within 45 minutes of Phoenix Sky Harbor AirportOther members can choose to pick it up themselves and haul it anywhere within the state of Arizona.  

With no sign-up costs other than the monthly membership fee and no commitment to owning a single vehicle, this is bringing a whole new demographic into the powersports industry, according to Norman. 

“Getting new people into the sport is key for us,” Norman says. “Since launching in March, 20 percent (of subscribers) are Gen Z and 24 percent are millennials. It’s fun to have a new demographic come into powersports in a very accessible way.” 

Norman adds that 86 percent of subscribers are brand new to powersports or have never owned an off-road vehicle. A membership is perfect for people who only have time to ride once or twice a month; or for those who live in an apartment building and there’s nowhere to store a vehicle; or for the person who’s always looking for the next adventure and wants to do something new every month. 

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