January 2020

Editorial StaffDecember 1, 2019
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Dining Debate

January 2020 Editor's Note


2019 Best New Restaurants

See which tyro restaurants best tickled the fancy of PHOENIX dining critic Nikki Buchanan in 2019.

Top 100 Restaurants in the Valley of the Sun

Spend your 2020 getting acquainted with this crowd-sourced centenary of essential Phoenix eateries.

Rocky Relations

Will two cases of mass cartel bloodshed in the Mexican state of Sonora cripple tourism in Rocky Point – aka “Arizona’s Beach”?

Phoenix Files

Yesterday’s News

Raised on newspapers, our columnist ponders the election-season news cycle in a print-deprived world.

Mitigating Multiples

Advancements in fertility treatments are leading to fewer births of multiples and higher success rates.

Trump Card

How did longtime Arizona political mouthpiece Stephanie Grisham land one of the most high-profile jobs in the Trump administration? By not following the rules.

Land Zo: The Wright Way?

A rash of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed properties on the market begs the question. What is the “right” use for these homes?

Rocky Relations

Will two cases of mass cartel bloodshed in the Mexican state of Sonora cripple tourism in Rocky Point – aka “Arizona’s Beach”?

Story Mapping

Scottsdale’s Kirby Kim proves literary agents can thrive beyond the Big Apple.

What’s in Your Car? with Drew Alcazar

Russo and Steele founder Drew Alcazar lets us peek inside his ride.

Studio Session with Lee Hendrickson

Lee Hendrickson’s photographs might best be described as an artistic chemistry experiment.

Art in Translation

Cuba Rhythm and Views provides a humanizing peek into Cuban culture through arts-focused excursions to the island nation.

Spotlight: Lindsey Stirling

Violin-shredding rock star Lindsey Stirling was in town recently to perform at her alma mater, promote her new album Artemis and enjoy a little home cooking.

The 10-Year Itch

Opinion columnist Jim Sharpe reviews the top story in Arizona for each of the last 10 years.


What to Do in Downtown Tempe

After undergoing several “placemaking” initiatives since 2017, downtown Tempe is more than a party hub for college kids.

Newport Beach, Revisited

What happens when a 40-something returns to his college stomping grounds? A great family vacation, is what.


100 Years of Encores

The Phoenix Theatre Company celebrates its 100th anniversary as Arizona’s oldest arts organization with an enticing 2020 program.

Eat Beat

The Killer Queen

Mixing tequila with green Chartreuse may sound awkward but credit The Parlor’s bartender Brent Nurre for recognizing the latent love connection.

Bao Factor

Steam the bun, supercharge your appetite with this addictive Asian hand-food.

Local Hard Seltzer

If White Claw Hard Seltzer has you in its unsweetened alcoholic grip, Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery offers a local alternative.

Veggie Relleno

Agave del Scottsdale uses huitlacoche – a mushroom-like delicacy that grows on ears of corn – to stuff its Chile relleno.