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Treat your pearly whites right with our exclusive, peer-generated list of the Valley's best dentists.

Top Dentists is an annual survey of practicing dental professionals conducted by PHOENIX magazine. Use this peer-selected list of the Valley’s best dentists to make important decisions about your dental care.

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PHOENIX magazine generates its Top Dentists list via an online survey of practicing dentists in Greater Phoenix. Using contact information obtained from the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, the magazine mails postcards to the full population of dentists practicing in the Valley in the early spring, directing them to our online voting portal. The survey asks respondents to provide the names of three dentists whom they deem the best in each of nine specialties. At the conclusion of voting, we digitally tally the votes in each category. Once the top vote-getters are determined, our fact-checkers verify their information.

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Featured Profiles

2021 Top Dentist: Scott Price

July 7, 20212021 Top Dentist: Scott Price

2021 Top Dentist: Stacey Laskis

July 7, 20212021 Top Dentist: Stacey Laskis

Cosmetic & General Dentistry
2021 Top Dentist: Kevin Axx

July 7, 20212021 Top Dentist: Kevin Axx

2021 Top Dentist: Thanh Phan

July 7, 20212021 Top Dentist: Thanh Phan

Dental Anesthesiology
2021 Top Dentist: Rashmi Bhatnagar

July 7, 20212021 Top Dentist: Rashmi Bhatnagar

Cosmetic & General Dentistry

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Peter Spilotro




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