Catching up with Lauren Maddox

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Actress, writer and former contestant on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model in 2013, Lauren Maddox is no stranger to the spotlight. Starring alongside acclaimed actors James McAvoy in the feature film Filth and Demi Moore in Another Happy Day, she is set to star in several films this year including Sci-Fi TV series Cerulean as the principle role Caesa, lead role Natalie in Runners and lead actress in Bear Witness.

Maddox’s recent appearance as the female lead in the comedy mockumentary film, Senior Entourage features Hollywood royalty Marion Ross, Mark Rydell and Ed Asner. You can find her latest creative work in her brand-new children’s book, The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope and Rosco, which addresses vital issues such as bullying, caring for animals, gardening and much more.


In her upcoming role as Caesa in the Sci-Fi TV series Cerulean, Maddox plays the motherly lead of the mission specialist science team rescued from the Sphere Research Base on Mars. She is married to one of NASA’s most legendary military test pilots, Cyrus. They are known as NASA’s ultimate power-couple. Cerulean and Hecate (the morphing of energy that Maddox lends her voice to), warrior and starship run renegade from a galactic empire from which they served as destroyers. In a “Mad Max” chase through a violent universe, they are torn asunder into new realities both outward and within. Together, they find new allies and a new purpose that lead them on the path to empowered redemption.


Maddox will take her talent to a new level in the Amazon Prime TV Series Runners as Natalie — one of the principle lead roles. She initially auditioned for this role at Space Station Casting in Los Angeles for director Phil Ramuno. Ramuno’s vision for her is to be the character who binds others together through her lively personality and uplifting soul. The role demands amazing comedic timing and rhythm, all of which she possesses.

Bear Witness

Another exciting role she’ll take is lead actress in the documentary, Bear Witness. The film will focus on the farmed animals’ plight and activists who are fighting for their cause worldwide. Her goal for this film is to change people’s perspective toward animals and to stress the message that all animals are sentient. The documentary also places an emphasis on meat. Humans are omnivores and before the discovery of fire, ate nuts, berries, seeds, fruits and vegetables that grew naturally. Additionally, the film features footage in Mumbai, India which focuses on the country’s growing vegan movement. Maddox’s goal is to unearth the truth of what is happening in different countries for farmed animals through footage as well as interviews with celebrity vegans and activists such as A-List actress and actor Maggie Q and Joaquin Phoenix as well as the celebrity musician Moby. Many more vegan celebrities in the film, music and sports world are soon to be interviewed.

Some of the people and places she interviewed for the series include designer Anita Dongre, musician Monica Dogra, actress Dia Mirza, actor Nakuul Mehta, actress and animal activist Sneha Ullal, activist and member of Living Free Pune Darshana Muzumdar, founder of Vegan First Palak Mehta, owner of Farmers’ Café Minali Gaba, owner of Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar Vanika Choudhary, owner of Aharveda Café Harish Shetty and many more vegan restaurant owners. The documentary will be available on Netflix in late 2019.

The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope and Rosco

In collaboration with Tennessee Michael Rae Langston Tomlin, Richard Tomlin and Lauren Maddox, The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope and Rosco was born. Maddox’s first children’s book helps teach kids about bullying, being a good neighbor, gardening and taking care of animals. The book also explores animal sanctuaries, specifically the Pig Preserve in Jamestown, Tennessee, as well as caring for animals in Grandma’s Sanctuary and discovering how trees combat global warming.

Upcoming book signings:

Parnassus Bookstore, Green Hills, Nashville: June 29, at 2 p.m.
Barnes and Noble, Cool Springs, Nashville: July 6, at 11.30 a.m.
Barnes and Noble, Murfreesboro, Nashville: July 6, at 4 p.m.
Barnes and Noble, San Francisco: October 12, time is TBD
Just Fabulous Book Store, Palm Springs: October 18, time is TBD

To learn more about Lauren Maddox, visit her IMDb.

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