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Foot and Ankle

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“Having diabetes puts people at higher risk for foot problems,” says Dr. Joshua Cady,  a specialist in diabetic wound care and surgery. “I like to work closely with my patients, because together we can reduce the risks many of them face because of their disease.”

As part of the CiC team, he works closely with interventional radiologists who are specially trained to treat the underlying cause of problems. “Many diabetic complications in the foot are related to circulation,” he explains.  “If there is no blood flow, wounds won’t heal, legs will hurt, and nerves will die. These long-term consequences may be avoided if we’re able to restore blood flow.” This team approach leads to improved outcomes and better lifestyles for his patients.

Every patient receives the highest-quality care from our committed, compassionate team of medical specialists at CiC. We believe that you are the reason why we are here. Giving you the information you need and the care you deserve.

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