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Interventional Radiology


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“I have a passion for treating peripheral arterial disease (PAD),” says Dr. Michael Switzer. “It’s an under-recognized and therefore under-treated condition because half the people who have it don’t know it.” Properly diagnosing and treating PAD improves blood flow to the legs preventing wounds, pain, amputations and even death.

People with PAD may notice a dull cramping pain or a feeling of heaviness or tightness in their legs. “Our primary goal is to diagnose and treat the condition before irreparable damage occurs,” explains Switzer. “Listening to your body and recognizing the symptoms of PAD, is the first, and most important, step to getting the treatment you need to live a long, healthy life.”

Every patient receives the highest-quality care from our committed, compassionate team of medical specialists at CiC. Giving the information you need and the care you deserve, sets us apart.

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