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“One of the deadliest complications of cancer is when it spreads to the liver,” says Dr. Joel Rainwater, chief medical officer of Comprehensive Integrated Care. The liver is a critical organ. If it has tumors, a transplant is almost never an option. However, there are great treatment alternatives.  Our specialty physicians can attack tumors in the liver with a variety of non-surgical methods.

“I’m very excited about a procedure we perform that delivers radioactive beads into the blood supply of the tumor. The beads radiate and kill the tumor from the inside,” explains Rainwater. “It’s an amazing way to treat these tumors, and help patients live a longer, pain free life.”

Every patient receives the highest-quality care from our committed, compassionate team of medical specialists at CiC. Giving the information you need and the care you deserve, sets us apart.

Specialty: Interventional Endovascular

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