Olive Oil Chocolate

Marilyn HawkesOctober 1, 2018
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Fulfill your chocolate cravings and antioxidant quota in one serving with Queen Creek Olive Mill’s olive oil chocolate bars.

Most of us don’t chow on chocolate for the health benefits, but maybe we should reconsider. The folks at Queen Creek Olive Mill have been touting the benefits of olive oil and dark chocolate ever since they partnered with Glendale’s Cerreta Candy Co. five years ago to make chocolate bars.

“The dark chocolate combined with extra virgin olive oil is super packed with antioxidants,” says QCOM marketing director Sydney Rea. Another dark chocolate perk: flavanols, a substance that can help lower blood pressure and improve vascular function.

Springboarding off the original bar’s popularity, the mill recently introduced two new flavors: Spicy Olive Oil Dark Chocolate and Nutty Olive Oil Dark Chocolate ($2.95 each). Available both at the mill’s original QC location and its Scottsdale imprint, the 2-ounce bars have 66 percent cocoa content and weigh in at about 140 calories per serving. The EVOO lends a velvety smoothness to the bittersweet chocolate, and all three bars have a dash of sea salt for flavor balance.

The addition of cayenne to the original formula offers just a hint of fire, and roasted almonds give the bar extra crunch and a momentary respite from the bitterness. Plus, they’re healthy. “You’ve got almonds, dark chocolate and olive oil. It’s almost like a vitamin.”

Queen Creek Olive Mill
25062 S. Meridian Rd., Queen Creek

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