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Leah LeMoineSeptember 2018
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Class is in session at Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School, and the homework is delicious.

Now that you’ve survived another scorching Phoenix summer, it’s time to turn up the heat – on your grill, that is. Much like our festival season, barbecue season in Arizona kicks into high gear around Labor Day, when it starts to feel safe to go outside again. It’s also when Lana and Anthony Reddick’s Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School opens for business.

“We teach you the basics, and we teach you how to do it the right way,” Lana says of the couple’s classes, which include a three-and-a-half-hour session on seafood ($55 per person), a four-hour steak class ($65 per person) and a six-hour seminar on smoking and grilling ($150 per person), in addition to holiday, team-building and custom at-home classes for four to 35 people (inquire for pricing).

“There’s an underlying competition between barbecuers,” Lana says. “And that’s what makes the class so interesting… There’s so much interjection from our students.”

The Reddicks have gobs of grills, smokers and infrared cookers at their Mesa facility, where students feast on their coursework: brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, chicken, vegetables and even peach cobbler and macaroni and cheese.

“What a lot of people don’t understand is that anything you can cook in your oven, you can cook on your grill,” Lana says.

The classes are BYOB, so you can have a classmate hold your beer while you mop your meat.

Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School
100 W. Hoover Ave., Mesa

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