July 2018

6 Beers to Try at the Real Wild & Woody Festival

Tomorrow more than 75 of the Southwest’s best craft breweries are gathering at the Phoenix Convention Center for an annual toast to great beer at the Real Wild & Woody Festival. Savor seasonal sips, indulge in award-winning brews, tap into specialty casks and enjoy a whole lot of food, music, games and activities. But whatever you do, don’t miss out on wetting your whistle with these unique new releases:

5 AZ Ways to Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day

What was one of humanity’s greatest discoveries? You may say electricity, fire or even penicillin but I say nay. No, the greatest thing is the chicken wing. A delicious and versatile food that makes a great addition to any dance, kickback gathering, movie night, Super Bowl viewing, bingo game, Tupperware party or baby shower. The chicken wing is a sacred thing of limitless possibilities. It can be tossed, rubbed, smoked, fired, grilled, glazed, deboned, spicy or cool, sour or sweet. In honor of National Chicken Wing Day this Sunday, PHOENIX has curated the best deals and specials at Valley restaurants. Don’t wing it, let us show you the way.

Recipe Friday: Silverleaf Club Raspberry Pie

Summer is berry season and if you’re looking for a little raspberry love this weekend, we’ve got a swoon-worthy recipe for you to tackle. Jenna Leurguin, pastry chef at Scottsdale’s exclusive Silverleaf Club, shares her stunning fresh raspberry pie recipe. It’s a little complicated, but well worth the effort.

Friday Flicks: Revenge of the Sequel

The sequels hit the multiplexes this weekend…

Recipe Friday: Farm & Craft Chilled Raw Pad Thai Salad

If you’ve been to Farm & Craft, you know the menu is brimming with healthy options, from charred broccoli to a salmon poke bowl to avocado hummus. Recently, the restaurant added several new dishes, including Chilled Raw Pad Thai Salad, which has been a big hit with customers, says Samantha Roberts, Riot Hospitality Group executive chef.

You Get a Cocktail and You Get A Cocktail!: Drink Like Oprah

Another scorching day is coming to an end and you’re probably already thinking about what you’ll sip on tonight to aid in that much needed relaxation. But you also swore to yourself you’d make healthier choices during the summer months. It’s a dilemma many of us find ourselves in–but don’t be discouraged, there may be just the right remedy for you!

Arizona Nonprofits: Home Fur Good Volunteer Avery Crossman

When Phoenix attorney Avery Crossman started volunteering with Home ‘Fur’ Good no-kill animal shelter five years ago, she intended to help the organization write grants because she thought working in the shelter would be too sad. “That lasted maybe a week,” she says. “I discovered that Home Fur Good, as a true no-kill shelter, is not a sad place. The staff and volunteers are happy and the shelter is clean, bright and fresh.”

Crossman, who has been practicing Arizona workers’ compensation law since 1994, has adopted two dogs from Home ‘Fur’ Good and now serves as the organization’s board president.

The Year of Food Festivals

Is there anything better than a festival overflowing with food? No, the answer is definitively no. For food lovers, tastemakers, and trend chasers, food festivals are our Mall of America; a near-endless shopping center chock full of treats, sweets and new eats. To be clear, festivals comes from the Latin festum which quite literally means feast; so, there is no better way to put on a festival than by placing the word “food” in front of it. Regardless of the season, Phoenix hosts several intriguing and uninhibited food festivals that serve the niche and general markets which categorize our various taste preferences. So, skim through our list below and check out the coolest food festivals that are arriving in the Valley soon.

Friday Flicks: Fashion vs. The Freakish

Top picks for movie-goers this weekend.

Recipe Friday: Maui Pasta Gouda Macaroni & Cheese

Sometimes when you crave comfort food, only a massive bowl of creamy macaroni and cheese will do the trick. In a pinch, you can always rustle up the store-bought version, but why not treat yourself and make it from scratch?

Recipe Friday: Grimaldi’s Berry Ginger Fizz

Welcome to the dog days of summer. Since the Valley is collectively pouting about the heat, we thought it might be a good time to provide a refreshing cocktail recipe that you can make at home. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria recently rolled out a couple of summer cocktails, including the Berry Ginger Fizz that’s guaranteed to be a showstopper come cocktail hour.

You Never Have to Eat Alone in the Valley: 7 Cool Communal Dining Options

 You’re dining solo. Divorced, widowed, alone on a business trip, or otherwise single for the night. If you sit at a bar, your options are:

  • Take a chance talking to the people on either side of you (Risky!)
  • Chat-up the bartender in-between shaking and stirring
  • Stare at the TV and the rows of bottles.


But now you DO have another option — several in fact! I discovered the communal table concept when my boyfriend was stranded in Chicago on my birthday. New to town, I didn’t want to dine alone. After ditching an angry stranger at the bar, I moved over to the only open seat at Houston’s communal table. Not only did my table gang toast me over martinis, they sang happy birthday. One fellow diner even picked up the tab for everyone!

Here are just a handful of the communal tables in and around Phoenix. I can’t guarantee you’ll get a free meal, but you may make some great new social and business connections.

See my communal dining etiquette tips at the end of the list, too!

The Best Dining Deals this 4th of July

The 4th of July is just around the corner! And, since it falls in the middle of the week this year, most people will be in town for the holiday. If you aren’t wanting to host a party, or want to grab some good grub before the fireworks start, we have rounded up some stellar dining deals for this holiday week!

What’s in Your… Hiking Backpack? with Kelly Vaughn

The Arizona Highways managing editor opens her 75-liter pack to show us what she needs to survive while trekking the state’s trails.

The Fortoul Brothers

The muralist siblings put a Phoenician spin on cubism.

Dicey Proposition

A scandalous financing scheme at the Security Building went untold for 50 years after the Downtown building opened in 1928.

Monsoon Hiking in the White Mountains

Share your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page

Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Mimi Damrauer

Fabric artist Mimi Damrauer collects material from all over the globe.

From the Hip – July 2018

Fashion designer and freelance photographer Nancy Wegard immortalizes the Chiricahua Mountains in Coronado National Park.

Top 3 Arts Events July 2018

Our top picks for July’s best arts events.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Camping (& Glamping!) in Arizona

Arizona has a not-so-dirty little secret: It’s home to some of the most crisp and spectacular high-elevation wonders in the country. Bed down in the middle of it all with our low-hassle guide to the state’s top camping spots, from glamping in a safari tent to sleeping in a sheep wagon.

Read It: No Fear

Phoenix entrepreneur and pastor John Kaites’ Fear Not is an inspiring devotional for Christians.

Artist of the Month: Emily Black

Mississippi transplant Emily Black photographs dazzling portraits of ballerinas and athletes.

Desert Wellies

London Littles rain boots were made for monsoon walking.

Desert Desertion

Stranded in the desert near Crown King, Mick Ohman had no cell service and no water. What he did have: bagel chips and a full bladder.

Handlebar Shandy and Chill

Purists, drink elsewhere. These juice-spiked beer cocktails are insanely refreshing.

Brewful Smile

Turn that midweek frown upside down with these brewery happy hours.

Dressed to Chill

Get your recommended monthly allowance of heat-beating gazpacho.

Pav on Juice: Sonoita Getaway

A monthly look at Arizona wine with Valley dining impresario Pavle Milic.

What to Eat This Month: Non-Native Noshes

These transplants tempt with yummy summer menus.

Tomato Reuben

Alo Café’s tomato Reuben satisfies vegetarians’ longing for juicy corned beef or pastrami.

Arizona Summer Beer Guide

Put some suds in your summer with our seasonal spotlight on the Arizona craft beer scene. PLUS: Drink the state’s most award-winning beer!

Breezy Pop

All-natural, Latin-inspired popsicles are a must this summer.

Rehabbing the Wrap

Is the oft-derided “Anglo-rrito” making a culinary comeback? Not in every case, says our critic.


Specializing in global cuisine, this scrappy, owner-operated bistro on Seventh Street is ambitious but confounding – starting with the name.


Mesa finally has a buzzy, chef-driven restaurant, in the form of this rustic Italian gem from chef Tony Snyder.

Sharpe to the Point: Bowing to the Bowl

Bowing to the Bowl? Jim Sharpe is wary of another Arizona Super Bowl.

She’s Crafty

Valley creativity hubs make artistic endeavors accessible for all.

7 Questions with Jana Bommersbach

We catch up with Valley journalism luminary Jana Bommersbach.

Safe Summer Treks

Beat the heat and stay safe with these moonlight and early morning hikes.

Business Buzz: Insurance Claims

Will the East Valley soon be in good hands with Allstate?

Land Zo! – Flight of the Canadians

Canadian investors swooped into the Phoenix real estate market like hawks during the Great Recession, but have been migrating back north.

Live Free and Spell Hard

A look at Scripps National Spelling Bee words over the years.

Roam if They Want To

It’s easier than ever to monitor their every move, but more parents are opting to let kids walk free… at least around the block.

Mayor for a Month?

Vice Mayor Thelda Williams fills departing Mayor Greg Stanton’s slot.

Community Disunity

As budgets tighten, teachers and administrators clash within the state’s largest community college system.

Lethal Crossings

Why does Arizona have the highest rate of pedestrian deaths in the U.S.?

Circus Master

James T. Harris made headlines as an African-American foil to Barack Obama. Now he’s defying stereotypes as the Valley’s first black conservative radio talk-jock.

Elkhart Lake

Wisconsin’s lakeside resort community brims with old-school summer charm.

Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary Issue

The Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary issue celebrates the achievements of the Valley’s Major League Baseball franchise.

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