Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Stacy Eden

Mike MeyerMay 2018
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Stacy Eden crafts wickedly cool metal crowns under her Clutch Jewelry label.


Tucked away in a corner of hip Tempe boutique Stoney’s is Stacy Eden’s metalworking studio. It’s in this cozy space that the third-generation Arizonan creates her Instagram-famous metallic crowns and jewelry. Her passion for metalworking began while she was working toward her English degree at Northern Arizona University. “Two semesters before I was supposed to graduate, I took Intro to Metalworking and Jewelry,” Eden says. She was hooked from the first day. “[It was] everything I’d ever wanted. It was instantaneous.” Eden began crafting her signature crowns – fit for a post-apocalyptic empress – about four years ago during Phoenix Fashion Week. “I was hungry. My stuff had never been on the runway, ever,” she says. She only wanted to work with fire elements, soldering things together, but out of necessity she crafted her first crown using a metal-wrapping method. “It’s been really fun ever since,” she says. Find her work on Instagram @clutchjewelry and on her website

Eden starts with a chunk of wax made for lost-wax casting and dental work. “I use a lot of the same equipment that dentists use… to scrape out and carve details into the wax.”

Eden favors Goodwill for hunting for baubles for her designs. “You can find really cheap, sometimes high-quality stuff,” she says.“It’s a love and art that goes into it.”

She weaves thin strips of aluminum, brass and sterling silver. “I can sit on the beach with a pair of needle-nose pliers and I can make you a crown in an hour.”

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