2013 Top Dentist: Yaneav Cohen

Editorial StaffAugust 1, 2013
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Photography by Jason Millstein/Illume Photography

Pediatric Dentist

Dental School: Indiana University School of Dentistry

Years in Practice: 15

What attracted you to pediatric dentistry?
I have always loved working with children, and I feel very fortunate to have the professional opportunities that I have.

What distinguishes your practice from others?
The focus is always on treating the child first and then their teeth. You need to take into account the emotional well-being and development of the child. Every child is different, and their parents know them best. Parents are encouraged to come back to the treatment room, and we rely on their input. We don’t do many sedations, so we rely a lot on distractions, movies, and just empowering the child by talking to them directly. As far as parents are concerned, when their child presents with cavities, they will often feel devastated. It is important that the parent understand why their child has decay. Is it the diet? Are they drinking soda? Is it their hygiene? Are they predisposed to cavities? If they are at high risk for cavities, you need to identify the cause. If you don’t clearly identify the cause of decay and the proper way to treat it, it should be no surprise to anyone when the child returns for their next checkup with new cavities.

What charitable organizations do you work with, and why?
Next week, I will be taking a week off to volunteer at the Trudi Birger Dental Clinic in Israel. It is a dental clinic that provides free dentistry to the poor children of Jerusalem. It is an amazing volunteer opportunity. I did it last year, and I look forward to going back again this year. The clinic provides free care to poor children of all faiths and backgrounds, and it truly is an amazing way to do charitable work.

What was your proudest moment as a dentist?
There is nothing more rewarding than to hear from our parents how much their child “loves going to the dentist.”

When you are not working, what do you like to do?
I love listening to music together with my wife and children. I also enjoy cooking, reading, and riding my bike on the trail.

Your wife is a Brazilian concert pianist. What are your favorite pieces of classical music?
I love all classical music. If I have to choose a favorite, right now I would say Brahms’ clarinet trio. It’s just so beautiful.

Dr. Yaneav Cohen
14269 N. 87th St., Ste. 103, Scottsdale
480-607-4949, drcohendds.com