2013 Top Dentist: Jay R. Galati

Editorial StaffAugust 1, 2013
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Photography by Jason Millstein/Illume Photography


Dental School: Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio for both dental school and orthodontic residency

Years in Practice: Just had my 15-year dental school reunion.

What attracted you to orthodontics?
Transforming a person’s smile can be a huge life-changing event for patients. The first features everyone looks at are your smile and your eyes. It is unbelievably rewarding to compare beginning pictures to the final result and seeing a patient’s reaction when they realize how far they have come.

Did you have braces when you were younger?
Yes, my orthodontist in Jamestown, New York was Dr. Ronald Kohl (retired), and he became a mentor to me and even wrote my recommendation letter for dental school. I have my 8th grade school picture of me in braces for all to see at my reception desk.

What are the most important advancements you’ve seen in orthodontics in your career?
In my humble opinion, I feel the published works by Dr. Thomas Mulligan of Phoenix give us the biomechanic knowledge necessary to correctly apply appropriate forces to teeth. He is the Sir Isaac Newton of orthodontics, and the entire profession owes him a huge amount of gratitude.

Do you work with charitable or other organizations?
I am an active member of the Knights of Columbus at St. Patrick’s Catholic Community, and our efforts help groups such as St. Vincent de Paul, Wounded Warrior Project and Children’s Cancer Network. Professionally, I have been president of the Arizona State Association of Orthodontists, secretary of the Arizona Orthodontic Study Group and served on the American Association of Orthodontists’ House of Delegates.

What was your proudest moment as an orthodontist?
I offered my services to the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” and getting to know them during their treatment has given me a whole new appreciation for the opportunities we have living in America. I am a better person for having shared time with such wonderful young men.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?
Spending time with my wife, Lisa (celebrating our 18-year anniversary this summer) and our two boys, Jack and Joey. I enjoy exercising and hunting, and have been told I could have a second career as a chef.

Dr. Jay R. Galati
8573 E. Princess Dr., Ste. 203, Scottsdale
480-656-7801, galatismiles.com


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