Skin Game

Craig OuthierJanuary 2013
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Keep it local with these epic epidermal products from Arizona-based beauty and skin-care companies

Melt-Proof Foundation
 Worried about pulverized rodents in your face cream? Not a possibility with 100% vegan, melt-proof foundation ($44) from Valley-based makeup guru Annie Mayo.

Advanced Mineral Makeup


  “Weightless Protection” Moisturizer/Sunblock
You think we’d entrust our Arizona-sized SPF needs to some out-of-state brand? UV course not. Scottsdale-based PCA Skin recommends this lotion ($30) for oily or breakout-prone skin.
PCA Skin
6710 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale

Body Butter & Sugar Scrub
Down in AZ wine country, Willcox-based Truly Organic makes a full-body exfoliating Sugar Scrub ($17) and a skin-activated Body Butter ($14). A line of hair-care products is due next year.
Truly Organic


  Prickly Pear Lip Balm
The prickly pear is Arizona’s answer to the soy bean. You can eat it, drink it, squirt some into your coffee – or use it to relieve dry, sun-worn lips. This SPF-15 balm ($3.50) from Arizona Sun is the locavorian answer to Chapstick.
Arizona Sun

Mineral Makeup by Roxanna
Roxana Cooney’s natural skin care products include gluten-free Lip Glace ($20.99), anti-inflammatory Under Cover concealer ($26.99) and light-refracting Pressed Mineral foundation ($38.99).
Verde Maison
15037 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale 480-563-0449,


Olive Oil Shaving Foam
And you thought EVOO was only good for sautéing green beans. This sodium lauryl sulfate-free shaving aid ($8) is perfect for organic-minded males. Just apply to the face, shave and marvel at the smoothness. Pesto! Er, we mean, presto.
Queen Creek Olive Mill
25062 S. Meridian Rd., Queen Creek

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