We Mustache Him Some Questions

Written by Craig Outhier Category: Web Extras Issue: November 2017
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Spend a little time with Mustache Pretzels maestro Greg Golden

Greg Golden
Mustache Pretzels
In 2014, forensic accountant Greg Golden switched careers to become a food truck operator. His slogan? “Great mustaches aren’t born, they’re bread.”
Why mustache pretzels?
I was in a business class in college with my then-girlfriend, now wife, and we had to pitch a fake small business and business plan. So [one of us said],"Wouldn’t it be funny if we sold pretzels shaped like mustaches?" We didn’t end up using it for the project, but I always thought it was funny. Earlier this year, we got the shape of our pretzel approved as a U.S. registered trademark.
Without a restaurant background, how did you learn the business?
I had to learn on the fly. I reached out to seasoned food-truck owners and asked questions that were at first so embarrassing. Within the community, everybody’s pretty helpful or can at least point you in the right direction. The collective black book of (repair people) we work with on a regular basis is where the strength of the food truck community lies.
What do you like most about owning the truck?
I like having the ability to make people smile. As a forensic accountant, I was usually ruining somebody’s day, catching them in some sort of tax fraud or embezzlement or fraudulent insurance claim. People are usually happy to see the mustache pretzel truck roll up.