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Written by Editorial Staff Category: Web Extras Issue: March 2017
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Craig Outhier

I love Los Dos Molinos, because it was the first restaurant my friends took me to when I was a bright-eyed Phoenix newbie in 1998, and it remains the most scintillating New Mexican-style food I've ever had. I love the Cactus League, because it affords me an opportunity to see my beloved hometown Los Angeles (née Anaheim née California) Angels without having to brave Orange County rush hour traffic on the 55. I love Squaw Peak, and I will always call it Squaw Peak. Finally, I love Scottsdale Shea Medical Center because both of my kids were born there and those are the happiest memories of all.
Leah LeMoine
Managing Editor

I love Phoenix because it's home. When I was growing up in the West Valley suburbs, I hated it. I wanted to flee to the East Coast for more culture, more liberal politics, and more public transportation. As I've gotten older and traveled more, though, I have finally realized what a special thing we have here. I love our beautiful autumns, winters, and springs, our glorious sunsets (we really do have the best; it's not even a contest), our distinctive flora and fauna (I have rhinestone saguaro earrings, for Pete's sake), and our cool mix of city and desert. I can go to poetry readings and eat at great restaurants Downtown or I can hang out in my backyard at night and look up at the stars and hear coyotes in my neighborhood. I try not to take these unique charms for granted anymore. Most of all, I love the people. My family and friends are in Phoenix, ergo my heart is as well.
Lauren Loftus
Associate Editor

When my parents informed 10-year-old me that we were moving from San Diego to Scottsdale, I vowed to hate this place forever in that particularly charming vein of prepubescent girls. Twenty years later, I’ve formed a shaky bond with the desert. I love the struggle of it and the hardiness one acquires from living here – the truly insane heat, dust storms that engulf the entire Valley, native animals that always seem like they’re trying to kill you. I love how beautiful it is, especially in the spring when the ocotillo bloom and everything smells like orange blossoms. Like any true love story, I often struggle with my feelings toward Phoenix (come August, I’m ready to abdicate to Alaska) but my devotion never wavers. Nobody but me can talk smack about my home!
Mirelle Inglefield
Art Director

The year-round sun is the reason I came to live here. Growing up in Salt Lake City, I learned early on that trudging through the snow in the winter to go to work, or school, or to get groceries, was too exhausting and out of the question for my day-to-day routine. Paradoxically, it's wonderful to be able go skiing in just a three-hour drive when there's snow up north!
Angelina Aragon
Associate Art Director

I love living in Phoenix, because of the scenic-drives, which tie in to how close we are to everything. We can get in our cars, and just drive... and end up in a different atmosphere. We could be on the beach in California, among the lights of Vegas, or see snow in Flagstaff (in the winter), see the Grand Canyon, visit Jerome... the list continues.