Written by Lauren Loftus & Leah LeMoine Category: Web Extras Issue: February 2017
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It's no secret that we here at PHOENIX magazine love our Instagram. With more than 33,000 followers, we love using our account to spotlight interesting people and businesses around the Valley. Instagram is a fantastic platform to carve out a particular niche and promote what you do – whether that's selling products or your own art, or finding new communities to get plugged into. And sometimes Instagram is best for fulfilling its original purpose: sharing really, really beautiful photos. 10 local Instagram accounts you should follow today, by category: @arrowandapple Category: Lifestyle Followers: 31.K Who: Photographer and house flipper Sarah Rhodes begs the question of how anyone can be this hip What: Colorful, perfectly composed photos of life in the "cool" parts of Downtown Phoenix Why we like it: Lifestyle bloggers can often fall into a rut of too pretty, too overexposed (when it comes to filters) and too same-same. Arrow and Apple feels, well, a little messier than all that. We appreciate the honesty.

Category: Mommy Blogger Followers: 21.2K Who: East Valley mom and wife Camille Whiting dishing out ideas on date nights, infertility, motherhood and marriage What: LOTS of happy family photos, including one impeccably dressed toddler Why we like it: Mormon mommy bloggers tend to take a ribbing from the Internet community at large, but it's hard to resist the megawatt smiles of the obviously-so-in-love Whitings that we'll happily scroll through their many categories of date night ideas. Plus, did we mention the fashion-forward toddler?

Category: Food Blogger
Followers: 10.1K
Who: Sweet-as-pie former food and bev pro turned food blogger and YouTube star
What: Gorgeous food photography featuring Simon's original recipes, her clients' food and dishes from Valley restaurants, plus frequent cameos by her adorable young sons
Why we like it: There are lots of great food bloggers out there, but Joanie is approachable and relatable and so are her food pics – no pretension to be found.

Category: Chef
Followers: 64.2K
Who: Legendary pizzaiolo Chris Bianco shares his delicious life with us
What: Saliva-indusing photos of fresh-baked bread, handmade pasta, juicy sandwiches and his signature pies
Why we like it: Bianco's passion for food is nonpareil and the fact that he retains his fanboy delight in simple ingredients is beyond endearing. Occasional photos of his beautiful children also charm.

Category: Urban Farmer
Followers: 13.9K
Who: Edible garden and urban farm consultant Tony Kasowski gives us sneak peeks into his gardens
What: Stunning plant and produce photography, do-gooder dispatches from his work with St. Vincent DePaul's food bank
Why we like it: He's a funny, genuine guy who is legitimately fired up about soil and watering systems. Plus he dispenses super helpful gardening tips.

Category: Art
Followers: 2,593
Who: Painter/muralist Jeff Slim, who describes his work as “Indigenous Futurism”
What: Behind the scenes looks at works-in-progress and vibrant, striking and beautiful finished pieces
Why we like it: Slim draws on his Diné heritage to create powerful portraits of Native people and thought-provoking cultural commentary pieces.

@ashponders Category: Photography Followers: 10.1K Who: Photojournalist from Panama, part-time poet What: Disarming black and white portraits around the Sonoran desert Why we like it: It was hard to choose just one as there are so many great photographers in the Valley, but it takes commitment to produce an Instagram feed that's entirely black and white and that shows people as they are (plus: we may have a soft spot for fellow journalists).

@possiblepat Category: Fitness Followers: 141K Who: Media darling; lost more than 300 pounds by walking to Walmart What: Double-take-inducing before and after photos; gym selfies; healthy food photos Why we like it: Sometimes #fitspo pages feel so fake it hurts: Perfect-bodied beings telling followers that even they have bad days and crave cheeseburgers, you just have to persevere! Honey, please. PossiblePat isn't one of them. Honest, relatable and goofy, Pat makes a more healthy lifestyle seem (sigh) possible.

@modernmanor Category: Shop Followers: 13.3K Who: Midcentury modern furniture shop in Phoenix's uber-chic Melrose District What: Recent acquisitions, vintage finds and redone furniture ready to be sold Why we like it: Mid-Century design may be bordering on too in these days but damn if we can't help but swoon over the way that Eames chair would look in our office.

Category: Arizona Wine
Followers: 984
Who: Founder of Sonoita's Callaghan vineyards, Callaghan calls himself a “wine research enthusiast”
What: Jaw-droppingly beautiful vineyard shots, great wine recs
Why we like it: We admit it – we are winos who love cloud porn. That's why Callaghan is our guy.