Congratulations to our Taco Haiku Contest Winners!

Written by Editorial Staff Category: Web Extras Issue: October 2018
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Ladies and gentleman, the winners of our Taco Haiku contest!

In our October issue, we challenged you to write your best taco-themed haiku and send it in for a chance to win two tickets to the Arizona Taco Festival on October 13 & 14. You all rose to the occasion and sent in some sensual, serious, silly and downright sexy haikus paying homage to your favorite Mexican dish. Below are our 10 poetically gifted winners! Enjoy your tacos, mis amigos!

1. Our top winner and Haiku Master: Lori H.

I feel strongly for 

You and talk is cheap, so here's

Half of my taco.

2. Our Runner-Up: Ramona T.

Heart of a taco

Is always in the fillings.

The soul, in the lime.

3. John S.

Eight arm bandito

Sonoran summer relief

My seafood taco

4. Sarah S.

They can make Tuesdays

Feel like Fridays; tacos are

The most magic food.

5. Catherine M.

Money can't buy love,

But a taco is two dollars,

so there's always that.

6. Quinn Q.

Softly surrounded

Embraced in comforting warmth

Never go, taco.

7. Heather L.

Tacos are my friend.

Love them without condition.

Fill my tummy up!

8. Andrea B.

Oh to get first dibs

Juices dripping off my lips

Flavorful tacos.

9. Elena W.

Taco is complete?

Guacamole winks at me

I will pay extra.

10. Juliette U.

Taco! My taco,

A melody of flavor,

Mouthful of delight.